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At Florida Equine Veterinary Associates, our team of equine veterinary professionals works together to ensure that your horse's needs are provided for at all times. 

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Our diagnostic lab equipment provides quick results and treatment options.

Our team at Florida Equine Veterinary Associates provides quality care to all of our equine patients. In our cutting-edge in-house lab, we can conduct testing such as radiography, ultrasound, and endoscopy accurately and rapidly to deliver a diagnosis for your horse as soon as possible. For your convenience, we can also come to you to perform standing equine diagnostic tests. 

Diagnostics & Imaging

Our team is dedicated to veterinary care—and your horse's long-term health. 

At Florida Equine Veterinary Associates, our entire team is dedicated to advancing equine veterinary care and sports medicine. We are passionate about ensuring your horse receives the best possible care. We also have several specialists on staff who apply their advanced knowledge to caring for horses. 

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We offer a range of targeted therapies to keep your horse healthy. 

From managing pain and treating musculoskeletal disorders to repairing dead or damaged tissues, therapies such as acupuncture, stem cell therapy, and more can help preserve and restore your horse's health, and keep them feeling their best. 

Therapeutic Services

With our ambulatory services, we offer life-saving care 24 hours, 7 days a week for existing clients. 

Our experienced mobile medical team of veterinarians is ready to come to you. With our mobile equine units, we're able to offer ambulatory service 24 hours, 7 days a week to existing clients. Whether we're repairing a wound, conducting a lameness exam, or performing an emergency eye exam, we're prepared to provide both routine and life-saving care at a moment's notice.

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We believe in promoting and practicing evidence-based equine medicine founded on research. 

As a practice, we are passionate believers in helping horses recover and perform at their optimal level. Our veterinarians regularly contribute to veterinary research and are among the most prolific private practice-based authors of evidence-based literature. Our work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national veterinary conferences. 

Our Research

New Patients Welcome

Florida Equine Veterinary Associates is passionate about the health of sport and performance horses. Get in touch today to book your equine athelete's first appointment.

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