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Equine Imaging & Diagnostics

At our vet lab, our Ocala veterinarians use diagnostic tests and tools to diagnose your horse's medical conditions and customize treatment plans to meet their needs. 

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Equine Diagnostic Lab

Electromagnetic radiation and other technologies are used for diagnostic imaging. This enables us to produce highly detailed images of your horse's internal structures. 

At Florida Equine Veterinary Associates, we leverage advanced tools to help diagnose your equine athlete's medical issues. We offer a variety of services, from digital radiology to ultrasound, endoscopy, and standing diagnostics. 

With our diagnostic imaging capabilities, we can efficiently produce diagnostic data about your horse's condition and provide immediate treatment options. 

Equine Diagnostic Lab in Ocala

Standing Equine Diagnostics

Whether your horse needs a lameness exam or is experiencing an illness or health condition, it's imperative that they receive timely and efficient equine diagnostics care. 

With our portable radiographic X-ray machines, ultrasound, and other diagnostic technologies, we can come to your farm or location to perform important tests to identify health issues so they can be effectively treated. Diagnostics are also essential during the pre-purchase exam process

Our experienced and knowledgeable veterinarians are here to help, whether you are looking at purchasing a horse or seeking qualified veterinary diagnostics and care.

Ambulatory Services

Looking for farm call services? Our mobile veterinary care units are fully equipped with diagnostics and equine lab tests to provide quality care. 

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Equine Diagnostic Imaging in Ocala

Our Diagnostic Services 

With our veterinary diagnostics lab, we are pleased to offer advanced diagnostic testing to allow our vets to provide a diagnosis of your horse's medical issues.

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